How To Start Couponing For Beginners

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Everyone would appreciate a discount, price slash or special offers on goods and services purchased every once in a while. But what if you could receive these great discounts whenever you make purchases?

Sounds like heaven to people with a flair for shopping.

This practice is known as the art of couponing. It is all about getting great amounts of goods and services at very low prices, depending on one’s hard work and dedication to the trade. This activity involves less or the same amount of time spent on the internet as well as other things.

Couponing has a ton of benefits with insane savings topping that list and the best part is that you can get coupons on basically EVERYTHING! From groceries to clothes, accessories to appliances and even travels, the list is endless.

Now that we have gotten your attention, let’s educate you on how you can get started with this method.

Let’s Get Started With Couponing

This is serious work guys! But not the kind with a mean manager or unfavorable working conditions. There are supplies which you’ll need to get in a bid to facilitate your couponing practice. Nothing serious and you may already have these items at home. You are going to need:

  • A laptop or computer
  • A printer
  • Newspapers (lots of it)
  • Storage unit like plastic binders
  • Lots of store flyers

Now, your laptop or computer is for accessing the internet comfortably from the comfort of your home. With this device you could receive coupons from multiple websites or even directly to your email. Also, you can surf for coupon sites to take a great percentage of your work load off.

Basically these sites have coupons from diverse types of producing brands and prevents you from checking multiple individual websites for their coupon offers. Off the top of my mind, one best website for coupons is

This site offers coupons in diverse categories like electronics, clothing, food, auto, educational supplies, ticketing, entertainment, pets, groceries and lots more.

The best part is that all coupons displayed on this site are legitimate and up-to-date, hence eliminating the possibility of picking an expired coupon.

Next, once you are on the fundealsnow site, you can browse at the various categories of interests or store brands for digital coupons and deals that you can use immediately at the brand website.

Now, let’s not forget the old fashion way of couponing, and that is, browsing your weekend newspapers for coupons, cutting them and storing them.

The trick is to organize your binder by coupon’s expiration date, so you know which coupons to use first.

What to do and where to get coupons

Couponing can take up a considerable amount of time, hence you’ll have to set aside valuable time to do this. However, once all distractions are eliminated, you can set aside about 30 minutes a day, for beginners.

Also, to practice couponing you will first need to find coupons and to save up a substantial amount, you’ll need to find a lot of coupons.

Coupons are basically everywhere and the best part is that they are free. You can find these free coupons in store flyers, newspapers and bulletins.

What’s more, the internet has even made it easier with these coupon websites like Fundealsnow.

Now, coupons are not only enjoyed as discounts on purchases, with the right app, you can shop per usual and receive cashbacks on your purchases.

In essence, a $100 dress with a 20% off discount coupon can get you $20 once you use a coupon cash back app to shop. It is a serious avenue to make money and save even more, this is why everyone is crazy about couponing.

They are like goldmines.

How couponing saves money

The bulk of the work is already done, all you need to do is collect the coupons on the diverse avenues and head to the store to purchase the item. It is quite basic that once you purchase something at a discounted price via these coupon discount codes, you save money on getting it at the full price.

Some of these coupons and deals could be converted to actual money which is great. Hence, you get to shop and still leave with money in your wallet.

Couponing is great but one needs to follow certain tips in order to do it right

Couponing tips

Do not be brand specific: A lot of people only accept or use coupons from their favorite brands of stores or websites.

This is not the best option as they are limiting themselves to what other brands have to offer, which may even be better by the way. Whatever coupon you can lay your hands on, utilize it.

Do not be afraid to risk it: Most of the times these stores or brand websites further slash prices on their already discounted items.

Therefore, if you have a high value coupon, you can take your time with it to see if its price has been reduced even further. If it does, take it to the store or brand website and enjoy even higher savings.

With this insightful suggestion, you are bound to be an expert in couponing in no time.